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Plant-actin Antibody

1-CSB-PA000352 Cusabio
  • 100ug
  • 50ug
Description: A polyclonal antibody against Plant-actin. Recognizes Plant-actin from Arabidopsis Nicotiana tabacum Oryza sativa Hordeum vulgare. This antibody is Unconjugated. Tested in the following application: WB;WB:1:3000

Myostatin, Plant Protein

20-abx263023 Abbexa
  • 10 ug
  • 1 mg
  • 2 µg

Plant: Arabidopsis Lysate

21-395 ProSci 0.1 mg
Description: Plant plant-arabidopsis matter lysate was prepared by homogenization using a proprietary technique. The matter was frozen in liquid nitrogen immediately after excision and then stored at -70°C. The plant plant-arabidopsis matter total protein is provided in a buffer including HEPES (pH 7.9), MgCl2, KCl, EDTA, Sucrose, Glycerol, Sodium deoxycholate, NP-40, and a cocktail of protease inhibitors. For quality control purposes, the plant-arabidopsis matter on SDS-PAGE gel is shown to be consistent for each lot by visualization with coomassie blue staining. The plant-arabidopsis matter is then Western analyzed by either GAPDH or β-actin antibody, and the expression level is consistent with each lot.

Plant Tissue PCR Kit

20-abx09801220ulSystems Abbexa
  • 100 rxns × 20 ul Systems
  • 500 rxns × 20 ul Systems


BIO-52068 Bioline 10 preps


BIO-52069 Bioline 50 preps


BIO-52070 Bioline 250 preps

rec EGF (human)

H-7490.0100 Bachem 0.1mg 194.4 EUR

rec EGF (human)

H-7490.0500 Bachem 0.5mg 457.2 EUR

pGADT7- Rec- 53

PVT11254 Lifescience Market 2 ug 444 EUR

rec Leptin (human)

H-5578.0200 Bachem 0.2mg 194.4 EUR

rec Leptin (human)

H-5578.1000 Bachem 1.0mg 457.2 EUR

rec Leptin (mouse)

H-5582.0200 Bachem 0.2mg 194.4 EUR

rec Leptin (mouse)

H-5582.1000 Bachem 1.0mg 457.2 EUR

pGADT7- Rec Plasmid

PVT4025 Lifescience Market 2 ug 390 EUR

Our used TESTs in Pubmed.

Ron (Phospho-Ser1394) Polyclonal Polyclonal Conjugated Antibody

C12239 SAB 100ul 476.4 EUR

Cdk9 (Phospho-Thr186) Polyclonal Polyclonal Conjugated Antibody

C12242 SAB 100ul 476.4 EUR

Eg5 (Phospho-Thr926) Polyclonal Polyclonal Conjugated Antibody

C12244 SAB 100ul 476.4 EUR

Neu (Phospho-Tyr1112) Polyclonal Polyclonal Conjugated Antibody

C12253 SAB 100ul 476.4 EUR

Tak1 (Phospho-Thr187) Polyclonal Polyclonal Conjugated Antibody

C12255 SAB 100ul 476.4 EUR

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